Successfully applying for hotel receptionist jobs in London

In order to successfully apply for a hotel receptionist job in London a specific set of skills and experience is usually required. However many training courses and schemes exist which can help jobseekers tailor their CVs towards a position of this kind.

A receptionist job in any company is primarily a customer service position, but it also involves a degree of administrative and organisational work as well. For most businesses, the receptionist is the first staff member to greet clients and to process their requests and queries. In a hotel this aspect of the role is even more pronounced, as guests will immediately contact reception if they have any questions, problems or requests. Therefore the receptionist is often a key member of the hotel team, and is central to the smooth operation of the business.

As a hotel receptionist has many responsibilities, including managing bookings and processing additional requests, computer software is required that is carefully tailored to this work. The vast majority of hotels make use of computer programs such as Fidelio Opera to keep track of bookings, payment information etc. Therefore many employers who are seeking hotel receptionists require that applicants be trained in the use of hotel booking software.

It is possible for those seeking hotel receptionist jobs in London to undertake training courses, which include instruction in this type of software. Other requirements for this job can include experience in customer service or in the hospitality industry, a friendly and confident manner, and of course excellent presentation.

Those holding hotel receptionist jobs in London can expect to be paid between £14k and £22k per year, depending on the hotel in question and their level of experience. Job listings can be found on sites such as jobrapido.co.uk, while recruitment agencies such as Paramount Personnel and The Business Connection also work in this industry.


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