Pursuing a career as a hotel manager

A career as a hotel manager can be an incredibly satisfying: of course, managing a hotel has its own share of challenges and frustrations, but if you possess the right skills and qualifications the career is one of the most rewarding. As a hotel manager, you will hold a management position within a hotel or resort with duties and responsibilities that are pivotal to the success of the hotel.

Duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager

The duties and responsibilities of a hotel manager are dependent on the size and type of hotel you work for. Generally, however, a hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the hotel and its stuff. The hotel manager ensures the establishment under his/her control runs smoothly without undue interruptions to operations and that the hotel is profitable.

The scope of your responsibilities as hotel manager will include planning hotel operations ahead and initiating strategic operations to maximise customer satisfaction and hotel profits. Moreover, as a hotel manager you will direct critical hotel functions like financial management and budgeting, as well as oversee all hotel services, including reception, reservations and housekeeping.

Typical hotel magerial roles

In larger hotels, managers usually take charge of specific remits that make up the overall management team. For example, you may be the manager of remits such as marketing, reservations or marketing. In this case, you will usually find you have limited direct contact with the hotel guests and more scheduled meetings with heads of different departments in tended to monitor and synchronise business strategies.

In smaller hotels, managers are usually more hands-on. They are directly involved in the daily running of the hotel, which may include talking to guests at the reception or even serving meals when the need arises. In both cases, however, the overall role of the hotel manager is to ensure a smooth and conducive environment for both the hotel staff to work efficiently and the guests to enjoy warm and pleasant service.

Job qualifications

To qualify as a hotel manager, you must have good people skills. You must be pleasant, have a friendly personality and genuine desire to help and serve others. You must also be patient, calm and tolerant to cope in the demanding hotel environment. Moreover, your communication skills must be excellent to effectively communicate with the support staff, senior hotel management and clients.

Ideal candidates for the hotel manager role will usually possess a bachelor's degree in fields such as business administration, foods and nutrition and hospitality services. Liability accountability and about four years' experience in management related disciplines are also a plus when looking to secure a job as a hotel manager.

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