How to apply for your dream hotel manager job

Eyeing up a career in the hospitality industry? If you are willing to deal with some slightly unsociable hours, then there are always openings to work as a hotel manager out there. It is a high pressure, but extremely rewarding job that will improve your career prospects no end. In this blog, we check out the best places for you to peruse to find a hotel manager job.

Despite the rest of the economy heading for the skids, the hotel industry has strengthened over the last few years, attracting customers back with some innovative deals and bargain breaks. It is a fantastic industry to get yourself in to, and if you are looking to start the job search, then we recommend checking out the main recruitment website of the hospitality industry - caterer.com and their selection of hotel manager jobs.

Caterer are the main industry website, and you will find a lot of openings here before they go up anywhere else online. Caterer allow you the perk of uploading your CV too, so when jobs become available, employers will be able to contact you directly. The site is updated regularly with new positions, so make sure and check back regularly.

Another recruitment site we are extremely fond of is Reed at reed.co.uk and they have quite a large section for hospitality jobs, specifically in hotel management. This site makes it a little clearer what kind of financial compensation you can expect, so it is well worth checking out.


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