Are you looking for hotel jobs in Limerick?

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Limerick is one of Ireland's major cities and there's superb employment opportunties here. One of the biggest sources of employment in the city is the hospitality industry and there are many hotel jobs available in Limerick.

There's quite a high turnover of staff in hotels in Ireland and for this reason they're always searching for new staff. And there are so many different jobs available in hotels, you're sure to find a position that interests you.

Bar jobs, cleaning jobs, receptionist jobs and management positions are available in a large number of Limerick's hotels and can be easily found through recruitment agencies.

Hotel Jobs, Jobs and Loadza Jobs are a few of the recruitment agencies who cater to hotels and the hospitality industry. If you supply them with a CV, you can apply for any of the positions that you come across on their websites. It's also allows employers in the hotel industry to find you when they're looking for new staff.

One of the big attractions to the hotel industry is you don't need a lot of qualifications or experience to be considered for a job. The only disadvantage of this is most hotels will only pay their staff the minimum wage when they're starting work.

To work your way into the higher paying hotel jobs in Limerick, you might need to take a course that will give you additional skills. Check out the Pick Tourism website where you'll find a full list of hospitality, travel and tourism courses offered in Ireland.

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