Hotel jobs and careers in Worcestershire


Worcestershire is a generally green and hilly county. Some hotels are isolated from other communities deep within the countryside, such as the Kingfisher Bed and Breakfast in Hanley Swan or the Holdfast Cottage Hotel in Welland. Alternatively, there are city centre hotels that offer a different hotel-stay experience entirely, such as Diglis House, Berwick Hotel and Osborne House in Worcester city centre.

When considering hotel jobs in Worcestershire you should first work out what type of hotel you wish to work in. Furthermore, think about how you would commute to an isolated countryside hotel and whether this is feasible during anti social hours that you might have to work.

Hotel Job Roles

As with hotels anywhere else, there is also a great range of jobs that you can fulfil in Worcestershire hotels.

You might be interested in working in the hotel kitchens, for example, as a kitchen porter, sous, commis, pastry or head chef.

Alternatively, you might be a front of house worker, keen to fill hotel jobs in Worcestershire with your abilities as a concierge, team leader, porter or bar and restaurant staff.

Work out the role that best suits your CV and abilities before making any applications for hotel jobs in Worcestershire.

Your Job Search

When searching for hotel jobs in Worcestershire, there are a number of ways of finding your perfect role.

Call up an Internet mapping service, such as Bing or Googlemaps, before searching for "hotels in Worcestershire". Note down all the hotels that meet your location requirements before contacting their recruitment or management team direct with a cover letter and CV.

Alternatively, you can use hotel job-specific websites, such as Caterer.com, Hotel-jobs.co.uk or Hoteljobs.co.uk and list Worcestershire as your location before finding relevant roles.

Finally, it is more common for hotel jobs in Worcestershire to be based in large conurbations, such as Worcester city centre. If you are looking for a hotel job in Worcester city centre, for example, you could contact Travelodge Worcester, the Worcester Whitehouse, the Severn View Hotel, Ye Olde Talbot and Fownes Hotel about their vacancies.

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