Searching for hotel jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne?

We know that finding work in any industry in the United Kingdom can be tricky these days, especially given the fact that the economy isn't in the best shape it has ever been. This is precisely why you need to ensure that your job search is as brief as possible, and our guide to helping you find potential hotel jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne should be able to assist you with that.

There are a wide range of different jobs available within the hotel industry in Newcastle and beyond, so before you start looking for jobs, you're going to need to have a rough idea what kind of work you're willing to do.

With so many people employed in the hotel industry as it is, you should be able to figure out which positions are going to suit your own skills and abilities relatively easily. However, if you're still not sure we're going to take a look at some of the most popular positions within the hospitality industry.

Some of the most common roles include working as a porter, dealing with customers on a daily basis as a receptionist, cooking up a storm in the kitchen in one of the many catering positions, getting each room ready for the next guests as a cleaner, helping everyone to dance the night away as a DJ, working behind the hotel bar or helping things to run smoothly behind the scenes in a clerical position.

As you can see the variety is huge! Average wages range from around £16,000 (as a cleaner) to £38,000 (as a chef), but all will depend on your previous level of experience.

We recommend you check out the following hotels in the area for potential hotel jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne;

  • Holiday Express, Waterloo Square, St James Boulevard
  • Travelodge, Forster Street, Quayside
  • Royal Station Hotel, Neville Street
  • Newcastle Malmaison, Quayside
  • Hilton Hotel, Bottle Bank Newcastle

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