Work abroad with hotel jobs in Dalyan, Turkey

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Did you know that you can successfully apply for hotel jobs in Dalyan, Turkey? The scenic Turkish town has a thriving tourism industry, with thousands of people flocking to the iconic Iztuza Beach every year, and a large number of hotels have sprung up in the area. They provide the perfect opportunity to people looking for work abroad.

The easiest way of finding hotel jobs in Dalyan, Turkey, is through online recruitment agencies. Some of the big international recruitment agencies include Hospitality Recruitment and Caterer Global, and they give you access to thousands of vacancies in numerous foreign countries.

Once you have a CV uploaded, you're free to apply for any of the positions that you come across. And if you make your CV public, many of the big employers in Turkey who use online recruitment agencies when they're hiring staff, can access your profile.

It's also recommended that you register for email alerts of new vacancies, as these positions offer require people for an immediate start.

Turkey is fabulous country to work in, but getting a visa is a complicated process. You need 3 separate documents to legally work in the country; a work permit, work visa and residence permit.

To get a work visa and residence permit, you must first have a work permit. And individuals are not allowed to apply for a work permit without a job offer.

Once you have a job offer, you can apply for the work permit. The process takes about 6 weeks to complete, so take this into account when you're applying for hotel jobs in Dalyan, Turkey.


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