5 best places to find hotel jobs in Australia

If you're looking for hotel jobs in Australia, there's good news - prospects are excellent and salary is rising. The great thing about hospitality in Australia is that it's always high season in some part of the country. Here are the best places to find hotel work in Australia...


In terms of opportunity and availability of jobs, Sydney is second to none. Many of Australia's biggest hotels are found here, including the 630 room Sheraton Hotel. A huge workforce is required to keep everything running smoothly, and turnover rates mean that vacancies are frequent. There are also a huge number of smaller hotels and boutiques - perfect if you prefer a more intimate working environment.

The Whitsundays

Magnificent weather, breathtaking scenery, friendly locals and some of the best beaches in the world... what more could you ask for? If you're craving a better work/life balance, check out hotel vacancies in the Whitsundays. Party animals can find hostel work at Airlie Beach, while those who prefer the quiet life could find their calling at a peaceful island resort.

The Victorian Alps

Fancy a spot of skiing your downtime? Ski bunnies and lovers of the outdoors will feel right at home working at a ski resort hotel. Even off season, you're surrounded by some of Australia's most beautiful scenery. The resident/tourist ratio means that hotel jobs are easy to come by in the highlands.


It's not for everyone. It can get sticky and HOT, there's lots of flies and you'll be very isolated, but hotel jobs at Uluru are some of the best paid in Australia. And because of the relative isolation, you'll be less tempted to blow your wages. So if you want to knuckle down and save up, take your job hunt to the Red Centre.


There's almost as many job opportunities as in Sydney, but Perth has a more relaxed pace of life. Check out some of the big hotels like the Duxton, the Hyatt Regency or the Burswood complex, find hostel work in Northbridge or jobhunt at one of the hotels on the sunset coast.


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