Tips for a hotel job in France

Interested in finding a hotel job in France? France is one of the most popular choices for UK citizens who want to work abroad. EU citizens don't require any visa or special authorisation to work in France - so you don't have to deal with the same level of bureaucracy as you would to work in other countries. Additionally, France's proximity to the UK makes it easy to travel home on weekends off (or more likely in the hotel business, weekdays off).

Here are a few tips to help you find a hotel job in France:

  • Almost all hotels in France require you to have fluent French language skills for customer orientated roles. This includes front desk staff, concierge staff, tour desk staff, management positions, waiting staff, bar staff and security staff.
  • Basic French will be required for back of house staff. These roles include chefs, kitchen porters, dish washers, cleaners and maintenance staff. Although you won't be dealing with members of the public directly, you will need to communicate with colleagues and understand the tasks assigned to you.
  • Some hospitality or hotel experience is often required. Although vacancies for hotel jobs in France may not specify this, competition is fierce and you're not likely to secure an interview without at least one year's experience.
  • Employers like staff who can start at short notice - so let them know that you're willing to relocate and start work within a maximum of three weeks (unless you are applying for future positions, like summer staff).

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