Hotel Cleaning Job Opportunities in the UK

A hotel cleaning job usually entails tidying up around 15 rooms a day as well as some common areas like hallways. Work done in the bedroom includes changing the bed linens, picking up trash, and cleaning and refilling bathroom supplies.

There are many reasons why you should work at a hotel. First is that it offers you flexibility and a high paying job, plus tips, while you’re on school break. If you haven’t found a job in your field yet, housekeeping will provide a stable income for the meantime. If you’re good, you might even get promoted to a higher position.

The perks of being a hotel housekeeper is that you can do the work according to your own time. What’s important is you meet the required number of rooms and areas that you need to clean. You can even turn on the TV in the room while cleaning. The downside however is that you also have to clean up after big events like parties and weddings. Also, there are guests that leave the room in chaos. In such cases, you have to make an inventory of damaged items.

To look for hotel job openings in the UK, visit employment agencies or online recruitment sites like caterer.com and jobisjob.co.uk. You could also drop by any hotel personally to submit your resume. Hotels usually don’t expect you to have previous work experience because they provide trainings. The salary can range from £6 per hour to £16,900 per year. To choose a good employer, look at their health insurance and retirement packages.

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