Writing cover letters for hospitality and catering jobs

Anyone who's ever had hospitality and catering jobs knows how important the right attitude for the job is. And while a CV can't express that attitude, a cover letter can. The time and effort you put into writing and editing your cover letter, therefore, will g rewarded with an increased chance of landing a job interview and, ultimately, a job in catering or hospitality.

The most important skill for hospitality is customer service. A customer may come in for food or drink, but it's the service that keeps them coming back.

But customer service is about more than just the experience listed on your CV. There are experienced caterers and waiters that lack the right skills. It's about your passion for creating happy customers!

That's why your cover letter is so useful. Rather than just stating 'I have three years experience in customer service', you can give examples of times that you exceeded customers expectations. You can describe the times that you went above and beyond what was expected of you. And this is what employers like to hear.

However, don't get too carried away with your stories! Keep the cover letter brief and focused. Restaurants are busy places and the employer won't have time to read more than one page.

Remember that in the hospitality industry, attention to detail is crucial. It's therefore important to proof read your cover letter at least twice before sending it off. We also recommend that you get a friend to cast a fresh eye over it.


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