Which hospitality careers are right for you?

Before job seekers start searching for hospitality jobs, consider careers options in this field. Here we look at some common hospitality career paths, starting with the entry level role. Many people who start in a - what was supposed to be casual - hospitality job often fall in love with the industry and change their career plans accordingly. Competition can therefore be stiff, but if you have the passion and drive, you will do well.

Bar Staff

Most hospitality employers won't hire a bartender without previous experience. Your best bet is to become a drinks runner or bar back and prove yourself within the company. The majority of runners and bar backs get a start behind the bar within a year. After a couple of years of bar tending, you could apply for a job as a bar supervisor or bar manager. From here, the roles of duty manager, assistant manager and general manager are all within grasp.


The majority of chefs start their career as an apprentice. From here, qualifications, skills and experience can lead you to commis chef, sous chef and head chef roles. Chefs may also specialise in an area, such as pastry chefing or event chefing.

Waiting staff

Waiting staff may start at entry level waiting jobs or busing jobs (clearing tables). As they build experience, they can become senior waiting staff, then food service managers or restaurant managers. As with bar staff, waiting staff may also go on to become duty managers, assistant managers and general managers.


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