Need to build up hospital work experience in London?

Hospital work experience

If you're interested in working in the medical profession but are finding that it would be helpful to have hospital work experience in order to make placement or finding a job a little bit easier, then there are a number of excellent placement and internship schemes out there for many of the top hospitals in the London area.

Getting hospital work experience can be an eye opening thing for many youngsters hoping to be involved in the medical profession after graduation. You'll get to see first hand just how busy and strained the medical services in the United Kingdom can really be at times, while you'll also see up close just how amazing the doctors and nurses in this country really are.

However it can be difficult to find a hospital willing to help you get hospital work experience. With so many people wanting to work in the medical profession, you'll no doubt understand that they get hundreds of requests like this on a regular basis.

In order to be successful in your application for hospital work experience you're going to need to carefully set out in your letter to the hospital's administration manager just why you are searching for this particular work experience. If you are studying medicine, it is always helpful to include this in your application letter.

Many hospitals are only too happy to let medical professionals in training come on board on a voluntary basis in order to help around the hospital. Simply include the course that you are doing, as well as your current grades, and you might just be in luck.

We recommend trying the following London hospitals;

  • King's College Hospital NHS Trust, Denmark Hill
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road
  • London Bridge Hospital, 27 Tooley Street
  • Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street
  • St Thomas Hospital, West Minster Bridge Road

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