Homework resources for you

Homework Resources Tools

Key homework resources include a working computer, usually your main piece of equipment. It can be a desktop or laptop, but the more recently made the better. A fast Internet connection gets you online to search for homework positions, to perform your job duties and communicate with your employer or clients. The software you will need for your homeworker position depends on the job.

Homework Resources Skills

Your technical skills are also important basic homework resources that can help you get hired. Using the Internet requires keyboarding skills. You don't have to type as fast as a professional secretary, but learning to touch type certainly helps. Search engines are often critical homework resources, for finding and getting positions. Get familiar with advanced search engine tricks that save you time. Email, productivity software and even instant messaging are also good skills to have in your homework resources inventory.

Using Homework Job Resources

For people new to homework, navigating the maze of homework resources and job sites is overwhelming. Eliminate sites that ask you to pay for homeworker information. Join forums where other homeworkers help each other for free. They also post CV tips and job leads daily. Find available jobs online, by putting keywords, like "at home" or "telecommute" with the title of the job you want to get in the search box. To avoid scams, look for homework offers from well-known companies directly on the company's website. Discover jobs that range from airline customer service to website raters and professional positions like tutoring, teaching and writing.

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