Beware of homework packing jobs

If you want to work from home and you don't like the look of online jobs, homework packing jobs may seem like a great alternative. However, a high proportion of packing jobs from home actually turn out to be scams.

The "employer" will ask for a sign up fee, or ask you to purchase a start up pack that contains the items you need to pack. Some daring scammers even ask for both.

However, very few applicants ever receive real items to pack - instead they'll receive instructions on how to continue the scam. This is by recruiting more members and keeping their start up fees.

As you might recognise, homework packing jobs may therefore be cleverly disguised pyramid schemes. And almost everyone who gets involved in these type of scheme loses their money. Some even face financial ruin and criminal proceedings against them. This sort of activity can be classified as fraud - a criminal offence that can carry a hefty prison sentence.

It's therefore vital that if you realise that you have been scammed, you don't try to join in the scheme in the hope of recouping your money. It's better to report the matter to the police, or if you're not comfortable doing this, just accept your losses. The scammers may describe their activity in an innocuous manner, and the instructions may make the scheme seem harmless or victim free.

However, this is far from the truth, as thousands of innocent workers in the UK will testify. Always be vigilant and if a packing job seems too good to be true, give it a wide berth.

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