What are homehelp jobs?

Homehelp jobs typically have to do with providing primary or support health care to patients. It may or may not require a specific degree, but having relevant work experience is likely preferred.

What to Expect

In many cases, this type of job requires you to work in your patient’s home and for longer hours than usual. You will be compensated accordingly, though. Most of the time, you can only gain access to this type of job through a recruitment agency. Some patients feel more at ease when they are hiring individuals whose backgrounds and qualifications have been verified by an employment agency. There are, however, times when patients or their family members prefer to hire homehelpers directly to avoid paying for recruitment fees.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

Aside from proving that you have the qualifications or credentials for the job, you must also prove to your prospective employer that you care about the job. It is important that your prospective employer sees that you are passionate as well as compassionate.

Being able to prove that you are responsible, mature and trustworthy would also be preferred. Otherwise, family members will not feel at ease in relying on you to take care of their loved one when they are not around. Trustworthiness in particular is crucial since this type of job requires the family members to let a stranger live with them at home.

Get Hired Now

Homehelpers.org.uk is an example of a recruitment agency that will help you get access to practical and homehelp jobs. Home Helpers typically pay their employees around £5.95 to £6.40 per hour, and this can be considered as the norm in the industry. If you want higher pay, which would normally be in the range of £7 to almost £12 per hour, you should look for listings directly posted by employers on sites like jobisjob.co.uk.

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