We check out how to apply for Homebase jobs online

Have you always had a flair for DIY and don't mind working in retail? Homebase are always looking for bright and enthusiastic staff across their stores in the UK, so in this blog, we are going to show you how to go about applying for Homebase jobs online, so you can hammer out a new career without ever leaving your couch!

It is an exciting time to get involved with Homebase right now as they have embarked on a broad range of activities to make their stores even more attractive to customers. They have plans to expand their number of stores, as well as greatly expanding and refurbishing their current stores, meaning there will be a large number of Homebase vacancies opening up.

Their dedicated jobs website at homebasecareers.com is pretty much the only site you will need to snare one of these jobs. Simply set up an account on the site, and download one of their job application forms. They have separate forms up on the site for UK Jobs, Ireland Jobs and Northern Ireland Jobs, so make sure you download the correct form.

All you have to do now is fill out the form, and the website has a section where you can upload it to the site. Easy eh? Alternatively, if you would like to drop the completed form into your nearest store, then this is also completely acceptable, and might even be a better course of action if you would like to create a good first impression!


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