Spot genuine home work jobs in Nottingham

Home work jobs in Nottingham are a great option in these tough economic times. Nottingham unemployment is high and few new jobs are being created, making getting a job very difficult. However, one way that employers are saving money is by turning to telecommuters to fulfil their staffing needs. Home workers are usually much cheaper to employ, as the company doesn't have the same overheads as they would if running an office. Studies have also shown that home workers tend to be more productive.

However, work from home scams are an increasing problem. You can minimise the risk of being scammed by following this advice...

  • Go with your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Never part with money upfront, no matter how innocuous the request may sound. Many work from home "agencies" ask for a sign up fee or a joining fee, then give you information that is of minimal use. Other scams, disguised as job vacancies, ask for money for a start up kit or for the equipment you need to get going in the new job. Often the perpetrators will take your money and disappear; or else you'll receive an information leaflet about how to participate in the scam to get your money back.
  • Always conduct thorough research on the company or the employer. If you can't find enough information online, phone them to request some - genuine employers won't mind. Online review sites or forums can be especially helpful when researching the company's reputation.


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