Monster website home page of jobs

The Monster website home page of jobs is a portal to not only jobs listings in a variety of occupations, but also informative advice on how to write a CV and covering letter and interview advice.

If you are looking for a job on Monster, the website is divided up into easy to use categories. From the home page you can undertake a quick job search by keyword and location or view the other sections of the website including CV, Jobs, career tools and advice.

The CV section provides a plethora of advice on guidance on what to include and what not to include in your CV, how to write a professional copy, templates to use and a facility to upload your CV to the Monster website.

Within the jobs section of Monster, you can browse by job type, industry and location. Jobs can be applied for directly through the website by submitting a CV application. There is also a facility where you can register with the website and see your completed applications, submit a new application or review information you have submitted. On the careers tab you can explore different types of careers, and career snapshots. There is also a useful facility on the website to you can obtain career advice.

In the advice section, there is a wealth of information about searching for a job, applying for a job, preparing for and attending interviews. There is also advice on how to fill out an application form and tips on how to develop and progress in your career.

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