Find a home job doing telesales work

Do you like the sound of a home job doing telesales work? Home based telesales positions are perfect for anyone who is target driven and loves interacting with people. Here we look at some of the main considerations you should make before applying for a home job doing telesales work.

What do home based telesales jobs involve?

Home based telesales jobs involve calling potential leads (that will be given to you in a list or database) and trying to sell them a product or service. They can be further divided into cold selling – where the leads have never expressed an interest in your product – and warm selling –where you may be making up follow-up calls or up-selling to existing customers.

What qualifications and experience do I need for home based telesales jobs?

The good news is that you don’t require any formal qualifications to get started in telesales – although a third level qualification would certainly put you ahead of the competition. Most employers will ask that you have at least two years’ experience working in telesales, with a good track record of meeting and exceeding sales targets. Others (often the ones with a lower pay or the ones that have a salary based entirely on commissions) are available as entry level positions.

Will I be employed or self employed?

This largely depends on the contract you have with the company. Around half of home based telesales agents are classified as employed telecommuters, and around half are considered self employed freelancers.


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