Home Job Ideas for Punjabi Speakers in Leicester

A home job for a Punjabi speaker in the Leicester area could be anything from translation work to writing website content. You'll have to be creative with your options and consider the fact that being able to speak both English and Punjabi fluently could be extremely beneficial to you or a potential employer - so beneficial, in fact, that you could even call your own shots and work from home as your own boss.



Translation is the most popular home job for Punjabi speakers in Leicester - or anyone else who can speak another language throughout the UK, in fact. The diversity of the UK means many people aren't fluent in English and may require help translating some documents or when communicating. You can either work from home on a computer translating certain documents for an agency or work as a self-employed translator; if you want to work self-employed you will have to travel to your job, but the Jobcentre offers great rates of pay for translators in all languages on a when and required basis.



A lot of small businesses are going international these days, or maybe have a valuable target group in the Punjabi community they want to reach. Whatever the reason you could work a freelance writer for both English and Punjabi translation, producing content for website owners or newspapers on your own terms and payment. This is especially useful for someone who is fully fluent in Punjabi and has the ability to write compelling content - you could even find work producing leaflets, hand outs or translating important business documents. Websites like http://www.peopleperhour.com and http://www.freelancer.com are always looking for translator and all work is remote.


School Tuition/Academic Proofreading

Leicester has various educational institutions, from primary school to further education. Much like working for other companies translating material you could also offer your services to schools that have a few Punjabi students, offering to translate materials into Punjabi for some students or provide extra tuition. In some cases you may need a teaching qualification for tuition but you could always find work with families rather than in schools, helping students by proofreading their work and improving their English speaking skills.


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