Home job: knitting and crafts

There's a lot of people who could benefit from work from home jobs. Whether you'd like to supplement your regular income, make a career out of it, or earn a bit of cash in your spare time, work from home jobs could be the solution.

There's a perception that all modern work from home jobs are online, and that they all require technical knowledge. This simply isn't true. In fact, a lucrative home job is knitting and crafts.

In the last few years, there's been a backlash against mass produced products and faceless chain brands. The sales of art, crafts and homemade products have soared - which is particularly remarkable considering the tough economic times and the fact that many other industries are declining.

Here are a few ideas to launch a knitting and crafts business:

  • Advertise locally and online - make full use of free ad services like Gumtree.
  • Offer a mending service as well as selling new goods. As people tighten their purse strings, they get thriftier and seek to repair rather than replace. This could be your niche in the market.
  • Why not give lessons? Knitting is becoming something of a dying art, but there will always be young people who want to learn. You could take one-on-one or group classes in your own home.
  • The most lucrative knitting and craft services offer bespoke items - that is, rather than selling already made items, they will take customer orders and personalise their products according to these orders.

Good luck, and remember, a little perseverance can go a long way!

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