Writing for a home income cash system - how does it work?

What you need

What do you need for a home income cash system and how does it work? All that is required is a computer with a stable internet connection. Of course, you have at least basic computing and internet skills, and can write well. It helps if you are a fast and reasonably accurate worker. A positive attitude is good too.

Where to look for jobs

Forums are some of the best places to look for online work, especially work that can be completed quickly with weekly and fortnightly pay to your PayPal account. (You can open a personal PayPal account for free in order to receive money.)

What kind of writing jobs?

  1. Article writing
  2. Copy-editing
  3. Blog posting
  4. Forum posting

What is the pay?

If you are writing full-time for a large content site, expect about £15 per hour . In the higher range, your pay can double that; at about £30 per hour. If you can't write well, do forum posting at £3.50 per hour.

Who are your employers?

Your employer can be a large content site owner, a small home business owner, a medium to small online content broker and so on. The key is to look for work that pays you at least fairly in exchange for what you are expected to do.

What else can you do?

As you build your portfolio, take time to create your own site. In time, you will want to acquire your own (higher paying) clients.


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