Looking for a qualification? Try one of many home courses.

Home courses are widely available and are the answer for many looking for a qualification.

To gain a qualification, one has a number of options, and home study courses are an ideal option for many working adults. One has the freedom to study when it suits them and at a pace with which they are comfortable and in a place that is convenient for them.

Home courses are now one of the most common forms of further education. Online distance learning has never been more popular.

One of the best known providers of home courses is the Open University. Its mission is to open up higher education to all regardless of circumstances. Most of their undergraduate courses have no formal entry requirements. Qualifications gained from the Open University are widely recognised throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide and by all professional bodies and academic institutions.

The home courses provided by the Open University work on  the principle of 'supported open learning'. This means that students have support from a tutor or online forum to help with assignments or module material. Student advisors are close at hand to answer any queries and there is contact with other students at tutorials, day schools and through online conferencing, online social networks, informal study groups and events. Detailed written feedback is provided.

Around six hundred home courses are available ranging from arts and humanities to science to engineering and technology and business and management.


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