Do home care jobs interest you?

If you have always been concerned with the well being of others and wanted to make a change in people's lives then you might just he very well suited to one of the many home care jobs available out there today. It's not everyone who can get out there the work as a home carer, so it's something that should be encouraged in those who are willing to give up their own time in order to help some of the most vulnerable and at risk people in the United Kingdom.

As a home carer you'll be responsible for looking after the elderly and those who are unable to provide the level of care for themselves that would otherwise be deemed acceptable. It will be your job to ensure that they are looked after in every way possible from preparing food to administering medicine to keeping an eye on them throughout the day.

While this might sound a little bit dull, or perhaps even invasive, it's a much sought after skill and it can really make a huge difference in the lives of others, so it's something that we encourage everyone who has an interest in it to pursue.

If you plan on working for a government group, then you'll need a degree in some form of social care before you'll be eligible, however many people opt to work for a private care group, which means that no formal qualifications may be necessary (although they will still be treated very highly should you have any).

Entry level wages start at between £16,750 and £22,000 per year, with many experienced carers making as much as £30,000 per year. If you choose to move into a managerial position, it's possible for you to earn as much as £60,000 per year later in your career.

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