How to get home based writing jobs in the UK

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Professional writing jobs can be hard to come by, and unfortunately it's often more to do with who you know that how good you are. However, home based writing jobs in the UK are rapidly levelling the playing field.

Many of these writing jobs are based online. Writers produce content for websites or email newsletters, and are paid per assignment. So how do you find these jobs?

The good news is that they're quite easy to come by. The bad news is that the majority are relatively low paying (around 3p per word). There are many writing assignments that offer a much higher rate of pay, but these are highly competitive and often go to the writers with years of experience.

You can find home based writing jobs advertised on major online recruitment websites (like Monster at monster.co.uk and Total Jobs at totaljobs.co.uk). You can also check to see if your favourite website is in need of writers - just look for a 'Careers' section on their 'About Us' page. Many websites don't have the budgets to advertise on major jobsites, so really on in-page advertising for recruitment.

When you find a vacancy, our best advice is to spend at least two days crafting a writing sample. It goes without saying that this sample should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, but it should also read well and have a pleasant flow to it. Ask a friend to proof read it for you before submitting.

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