What are home based virtual assistant jobs?

Home based virtual assistant jobs are a relatively recent phenomenon, but they have soared in popularity over the last 24 months. Here we look at what they involve and why they are so popular.

What are home based virtual assistant jobs?

Home based virtual assistant jobs involve many of the same roles as you would expect an office based assistant to perform. You could find yourself doing admin work like typing and filing, scheduling appointments, managing schedules, ordering stock, making travel arrangements and a range of other tasks that the person (or people) you are assisting requests. Believe it or not, all of these duties can be carried out remotely. All that you'll need to perform them is a relatively up to date computer, a good word processing programme and a reliable internet connection.

Why do employers take on home based virtual assistants?

There are a range of reasons why an employer might opt for a home based virtual assistant rather than an office based one. Perhaps they don't have enough office space to spare for a new recruit, or perhaps they've found that home based assistants are more productive than office based assistants. What it comes down to in most cases is that home based virtual assistants are simply more cost effective than office based assistants. Not only will they save on office space and utilities, but employers know that they can still attract the right candidates while offering a slightly lower rate of pay because of the benefits associated with working from home.


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