Home based part time opportunities in the West Midlands

Believe it or not, there's never been a better time to find home based part time opportunities in the West Midlands. While the rest of the job market is struggling, and the West Midland's economy is still facing hard times, the outlook for part time working from home jobs is actually quite positive. So why is this?

It's mostly down to the cost saving measures implemented by companies worldwide. The opportunity to work from home was once seen as a benefit for employees - but employers are beginning to recognise that they too can reap the rewards from this working situation. On an obvious level, employers won't have to pay for office space, equipment or bills and other overhead associated with running a large office.

However, studies have also shown that home workers tend to be up to 30% more productive than their office based colleagues. This contradicts the popular opinion that home workers "have it easy". Home workers also tend to have a higher rate of employee satisfaction, a lower number of sick days and a lower turnover rate. These all add up to big savings for the employer.

It's no surprise, then, that many employers are now seeking to cut costs by outsourcing office and admin work to telecommuters. Unfortunately during the global financial crisis, many workers lost their jobs - but in most cases, someone had to continue fulfilling their roles. Home workers were often the ones to do this. Because part time home workers are often seen as more "disposable" than office based employees, employers are more willing to take a risk when hiring.

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