What do home based fundraising jobs involve?

Are you interested in home based fundraising jobs? They can represent a fantastic opportunity to earn a living (and perhaps raise money for a worthwhile cause) while retaining the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours and work from wherever you like. Here we look at what is involved with home based fundraising jobs and why employers are looking for these staff.

What are home based fundraising jobs?

Home based fundraising jobs basically involve the same job roles that you would expect from office based fundraising jobs. You will be expected to telephone or email individuals and try to persuade them to donate money to your cause. You will often be working to meet targets, and you may be paid commission accordingly. The company that you are working for will normally provide the software that you need to get started – such as databases and programmes with a list of contacts and systems on which you can record donations or set up direct debits. You may need to provide your own phone line, computer and headset – although these expenses may be tax deductible.

Why do employers take on home based fundraising staff?

There are a number of reasons why employers might prefer to take on home based fundraising staff over office based fundraising staff. One of the primary reasons is staff turnover rate. The fundraising industry has an exceptionally high turnover of staff, with average employment times hovering around the three month level. Offering positions from home is an attempt to lure staff to stay longer.


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