Are home assembly jobs in the UK a scam?

Home assembly jobs in the UK might sound like a great opportunity, but unfortunately many of these types of job turn out to be scams. The shameless advertisers exploit the trust of honest people who want to make a living working from home. Although not all home assembly jobs will turn out to be scams, we urge you to check out other work from home opportunities - assembly jobs from home are rarely genuine.

If you apply for a position, you may be put through a fake phone interview, which is designed to lure you into a false sense of security and make you believe that this is a genuine company.

Once you are offered the job, you will be asked to purchase assembly kits. These can range anywhere between babies' booties and hi-tech equipment. The assembly packs are often very expensive and should contain all the components you need to start building products. The idea is that once you have completed the assembly work, the company will buy the finished product off you for a good price.

Unfortunately, many of these "companies" have no intention of buying back the goods - their only concern is selling the packs. Once you have parted with your hard earned cash, they'll find a way of rejecting your finished products - usually by telling you that they don't meet their quality standards. The result is that you'll be left out of pocket and with expensive, but useless, home assembly kits.

We urge you to be extra cautious when looking for this kind of job in the UK.

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