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There are loads of different agencies out there that offer holiday rep jobs abroad. Becoming a holiday rep is a fantastic way of travelling the world and getting paid for it at the same time! It is an extremely easy occupation to get into as reps are required in countries all over the world. The best time to apply for these jobs is straight after Christmas. This is to give you enough time to be prepared and get money together to support yourself at the start.

Air-pro.co.uk is an excellent place to start your search for holiday rep jobs abroad. They provide employment opportunities to people who wish to spend a summer in Tenerife, Ibiza, Malia, Magaluf or Ayia Napa.  Air-Pro offers unbeatable prices on their packages to these destinations. A standard package includes:

  • 4 weeks accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Help getting a job
  • Emergency help
  • Guardian angel reps
  • Party introduction to the resort
  • Workers parties and prices

If you decide to work abroad, you should be aware that restaurants and bars will only pay you the bear minimum to survive. Tips are usually very good in these resorts and will help you survive that bit longer. You will never have the chance to save money but will have a great time having fun and meeting new people.

There are a range of different jobs available in these resorts. The most popular type of seasonal jobs for the younger generation are:

  • PR jobs
  • Jelly girl jobs
  • Bar work
  • Hotel cleaning
  • Reception
  • Tourist office

To find out more about any of these resorts or the jobs available, you should check out air-pro.co.uk.



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