We check out where you can find holiday jobs abroad

Are you looking to make your next career choice something fun? There is a huge holiday jobs industry abroad that is crying out for English speakers, so how would you fancy working in one of the hottest holiday resorts around the world? If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then keep reading as we check out where you can find holiday jobs abroad.

All of the big UK package holiday companies maintain a huge workforce off these shores, and if you want to get an idea of the kind of openings out there we suggest checking out the Thomas Cook recruitment page at thomascook.com/recruitment. Thomas Cook need staff twelve months of the year to help keep their resorts running smoothly, and they pay at UK rates, as well as offering the successful candidate a huge number of perks. It is a fantastic place to start your search for a holiday job abroad.

Similarly, a site offering a tremendous amount of openings on the paradise island of Tenerife is Play Away Tenerife at playawaytenerife.com. This site is a job site set up specifically to aid you in getting a job in Tenerife, and they have some fantastic local job openings available to you for extremely reasonable rates. Generally, there are much more positions advertised on the site coming up to the busy summer season, so don't get too dispirited if you have a gander in the Winter and nothing is going.

A final suggestion from us is to check out the Holiday Break Jobs site at holidaybreakjobs.com. This site pulls in holiday positions from all the major resorts around Europe, giving you a huge amount of choice on your pursuit of a holiday job.

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