Locating hod carrier Jobs in London

If you have an interest in getting in to the construction industry and learning about it from the ground up, getting one of the hod carrier jobs in London is a good way to get started. Construction jobs are often obtained through apprenticeship, but you don’t need to be one to do the job of a hod carrier.

Requirements to be a Hod Carrier

First and foremost, you must be physically fit. This job is very physically demanding as it involves carrying various size bricks or mortar in a three-sided wooden box on a long pole. The pole is then held over the shoulder. Upper body strength and the ability to carry at least 30 pounds is necessary. You might be required to carry the bricks up and down ladders. In addition to the physical needs, most employers require that you have a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. You may also need to know bricklaying.

Locating a Hod Carrier Job

The most efficient way to find a position as a hod carrier is to list your CV with several industrial recruitment agencies. Looking for a job in London and creating a search for recruitment agencies online will result in many companies to choose from. However, not all recruitment agencies handle this type of job opening. Going to a centralised website, such as agencycentral.co.uk, that offers listings from multiple recruitment agencies can provide some excellent choices.

Putting in your search criteria, ‘hod carrier, London,’ will show you all the recruitment agencies holding positions for hod carriers. From there, you can click on the links to see more detailed information about each job and how to contact the respective agency.

What to Expect in Salary

Nearly all job salaries depend on experience. Generally, this type of position has a starting pay rate of £9 per hour. Each position has different hours per week requirements and may be full time jobs, part-time jobs or temporary contracts. Hod carrier jobs in London is physically demanding work, but easy enough when you are physically fit.


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