Applying for work through a higher education job agency

Job seekers who have graduated from university should consider using a higher education job agency. There are many recruitment agencies in the UK that specialise in finding job placements for graduates. The biggest benefit in using an agency like this is that job seekers may be able to find a job in the field that they have studied.

A company that job seekers should approach is GRB. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau has a number of contacts with small, medium sized and large businesses. Many of the businesses that this agency deals with are well-known and well-respected. For example GRB hires staff for both Sony and Barclays. What makes this agency unique is that it offers job seekers help creating and editing their CV, psychometric testing and interview coaching. These are valuable skills that job seekers will need if they want to be successful in their job search. Two other recruitment agencies that graduates should contact are the Graduate Recruitment Company and Attic Recruitment.

Many job agencies accept both graduates and non-graduates as clients. Job seekers should not ignore these agencies. Kelly Services is well known for hiring staff within the science and technology industry. However they also hire temporary workers and call centre staff. Agencies that do not specialise in graduates can be just as useful to a job seeker than those that do.

Lastly job seekers should check out a job listing website such as Reed.co.uk on a regular basis. Graduates will be able to find leads on recruitment agencies on these websites.

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