HGV Jobs in Canada - Looking for adventure?

To obtain a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) licence, you will need to undertake training from a qualified HGV driver training school. Driving a HGV requires skill combined with knowledge and the right attitude and driving techniques. There are HGV jobs in Canada available for suitable candidates.

There are hundreds of companies looking for drivers all across Canada at present. In Canada the haulage industry is suffering huge skilled labour shortages. Haulage companies are hiring qualified drivers on short-term visas, or sponsoring them as skilled workers.

Bison Transport is a multiple-award winning Canadian transport company. They are actively recruiting overseas drivers. They need to be provided with candidates employment and criminal history details. They also need information regarding motor vehicle convictions, suspensions and accidents.

The company's Foreign Driver Program provides training and support to immigrants. The 13-week program provides drivers with the knowledge they need regarding the regulations of the North American Transportation Industry. Drivers entering into the program are subject to a 24 month employment contract.

The Siemens Transportation Group inc. is one of the largest and most successful transportation companies in Canada. They are actively recruiting long haul drivers on a global level. The company is very helpful with training, re-location and immigration concerns.

I have mentioned two of the larger transport companies in Canada. You can find many more companies and job sites on the web actively seeking drivers. Canadian immigration can be complicated, the best place to get accurate information regarding work permits and visas is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

By all acounts, there are plenty of HGV jobs in Canada, and it can be a very successful and rewarding trip.


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