Let's take a look at HGV jobs in Canada

The malaise which has gripped most of the developed world since 2008 seems to have completely passed Canada by, with the country always on the lookout to import skilled workers to complement their domestic workforce. One such area is HGV Drivers, and you'll be delighted to hear there are hundreds of HGV jobs in Canada going at the moment!

One of the jobs currently listed as needing foreign applicants in Canada is a Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver. Under Canada's "Skilled Worker" programme, UK truckers could be eligible to head over and get a visa to work in this beautiful country. The numbers of jobs on offer are simply staggering. The Canadian trucking industry needs to employ a whopping 37,000 truck drivers a year merely to keep the workforce at its current strength.

Such is the demand for drivers in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, that they have established a special "Long Haul Truck Driver Project" to make the path to getting a visa for truckers even easier. So you can see, you'll be in high demand if you head over!

So desperate in fact are trucking firms becoming for recruits that they have approached immigration consultants to help them find suitable recruits abroad. One such firm currently taking applications in the UK for HGV Jobs in Canada is Willis Brazolot and Co. So look them up if this sounds interesting to you.

You can expect a wage on a scale from CDN $11 to as high as CDN $30 depending on where you work.

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