Sites that will help you find HGV driving jobs in Europe

Are you an experienced Heavy Goods Driver looking to branch out a little bit and pick up a bit of work on the continent? More and more HGV drivers are realising the extra cash that can be made working for a company outside of the UK, so in this blog, we are going to show you the best sites offering HGV Driving jobs in Europe.

Heavy Goods Driving may not seem the most glamorous of jobs to outsiders, but it provides a fantastic opportunity to see parts of Europe you would never get to see otherwise, and on somebody else's coin! A brilliant first place for you to check to find one of these driving jobs is the Road Transport website, and their dedicated European section at roadtransport.com/jobs/browse/driving-europe.htm. This site is a pretty widely used industry site, and it provides a host of attractive openings in companies all across the continent. Well worth a look as your starting point!

Another brilliant resource on your hunt for a HGV driving job on the continent is Loadup at loadup.co.uk. Load Up are a UK based transport company that recruit drivers all over the continent to work and drive busy routes for them. Your position as a UK resident puts you in an advantageous position, but it won't confine you to working in the UK with this company!

A final site we recommend you take a good long look at is the 4 Drivers site at 4driverjobs.com. This site is rammed to the gills with openings for experienced HGV drivers all over Europe, so it is a fantastic place to check out and get yourself an opening on the continent.

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