Where to find heating and ventilation engineer jobs in London

A heating and ventilation engineer is primarily responsible for the installation, maintenance and inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems in various places. He or she is ensures the system runs as efficiently as possible for energy savings, fewer carbon emissions, and cost considerations. If you find this opportunity exciting, take a look where to find heating and ventilation engineer jobs in London.

Places to consider

Heating, ventilation and cooling systems are vital components in any building whether it’s an office, school or hospital. Given the number of people on the premises, providing heat or cool air is a task that is the responsibility of the heating engineer.

A qualified heating and ventilation engineer will find work at the following places:

  • - Schools
  • - Public offices
  • - Museums
  • - Corporate offices
  • - Hospitals
  • - Hotels
  • - Department stores
  • - Shopping malls
  • - Private homes

Key responsibilities

The heating and ventilation engineer will have to assume the following duties:

  • - Install heating and cooling systems including pipes and air ducts
  • - Plan and carry out servicing and maintenance of systems and units
  • - Perform quality checks to make sure the systems work properly and efficiently
  • - May perform other duties as specified by supervisors or superiors

A typical work week involves 40 hours, but this can vary depending on whether the engineer has to travel from one site to another. At any rate, a person who steps in this role must be willing to be displaced for work. Those with considerable experience can expect to earn from £23,000 to £32,000.

  • Education and training requirements

To qualify for heating and ventilation engineer jobs in London, you must have completed an apprenticeship course from a college. This will be in combination with an off site job training and the apprenticeship can be completed from 2 to 4 years. Employers can also provide training leading to industry qualifications.

Other useful websites

The National Careers Service of the UK (nationalcareersservice.co.uk) has a wealth of information as well as links to useful websites to help you land heating and ventilation engineer jobs in London. These sites include UK Jobs Network, JobCentre Plus, and Building and Engineering Services Association. Those who are interested in following a career in the area of heating or cooling systems will also find practical tips on the sites mentioned above.

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