Are you searching for healthcare or medical jobs in Cork?

With the Irish economy worse than it has been at any point in the last twenty years right now, it's no surprise that an ever increasing number of people are getting in touch with us every week to voice their displeasure at just how difficult it is getting to find work throughout the country. The media has been warning us for years that things were going to be getting tight, but few of us could possibly have foreseen just how difficult it would be for all of us as we entered a new decade.

However there are still some opportunities available out there. The reason that many people are struggling to find them is due to the fact that they are either not advertised online, or down to the fact that most people don't take enough time to fully research the industry they are searching for work within in order to understand exactly where the jobs are to be found.

Either way, it's out job to help you find the positions that you need in order to give your career the kick start it needs. This is particularly true when it comes to finding healthcare or medical jobs in Cork. While websites like loadzajobs.ie, nixers.com and monster.ie have plenty of jobs listed, there are rarely any positions advertised within Cork's healthcare industry.

The reason for this is the fact that the majority of positions in this field can be found online at healthcarejobs.ie, a website that is completely dedicated to delivering on the very latest and most reliable listings for the healthcare industry in Cork and beyond.

As a healthcare professional in Cork your basic wage will start off at between €22,500 and €28,000 per year, but this will increase as you work your way through the ranks towards your ultimate goal.


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