Writing a CV for healthcare careers

When it comes to healthcare careers, your qualifications are the most important factor. Employers need to know that you have the qualifications needed for the vacancy. It's therefore a good idea to organise your CV accordingly - don't make the employer have to hunt through your CV to find the information they need. Here are some tips to help you plan and write your CV...

  • Don't waste valuable space. Healthcare employers are exceptionally busy and don't have tome to trawl through pages and pages looking for the information they need. Try to keep your CV to a maximum of two pages.
  • Cut out irrelevant details - like the heading 'CV', details of an unrelated student job, or the fact that you enjoy 'reading and socialising'.
  • Put the qualifications section first (immediately after your contact details). That way the employer can see straight away whether or not you are qualified for the job.
  • Make sure all your experience is focused towards healthcare jobs. Anything else will detract focus from the CV. It's fine to include non-healthcare jobs as long as you focus on the transferable skills and experience and how they relate to healthcare.
  • If you have had work published, create a 'Publications' section and include a selection of your most impressive recent pieces. Add 'Full list available on request'.
  • Don't bother mentioning references. Healthcare jobs have a comprehensive reference stage and this comes a little later. There's no need to include them (or say that they are available on request) on your CV.


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