Where to get information on health related careers

Health related careers are very well respected and are perfect for people who really wish to make a difference in their daily work. They are becoming an increasingly popular avenue for people who wish to train across the board in a number of specialisms such as doctors, physiotherapists, general health consultants and nurses. Getting more information about these careers helps to develop a strong knowledge of the industry and as such can really help when you are in an interview or job selection day situation and you need to show market and industry awareness.

Government Careers Advice

The British government funds a fantastic website for career minded people and job hunters. There is a wealth of information which is constantly being updated and improved upon. Visit Nextsteps.direct.gov.uk where you can find job profiles of various professions and find professionally developed CV templates and cover letter help.

The NHS Careers Website

The NHS also funds a great website which gives in depth information about various job roles available within the NHS. The NHS covers thousands of different illnesses and needs and as such there is a massive demand for health professionals across the country. Visit Nhscareers.nhs.uk to find out more about the professions and health related careers that interest you the most.

The Internet

The Internet is the most diverse resource for almost everything nowadays and health related careers are no different. You can search careers websites, forums, directories and articles to find the information that you are looking for. Forums are a great place to get genuine advice about health related careers and to find out what other people think of the industry.

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