Health management jobs in the UK

Beyond your skills in dealing with patients, health management jobs demand great communication and people management skills. You must be able to communicate effectively to all stakeholders, from directors to relatives of patients, as well as be an active team player. You also need to be a firm and prudent decision-maker.

Searching for the Job

There are a good number of recruiters who will help you market your skills and get hired. Most of them are equipped with robust search engines that will help you make a search based on criteria like country, speciality and contract type. Should you choose to enrol yourself with them, they will accept your CV and contact details and alert you by email when openings in your line of specialisation become available.

Ply the Dailies

The Guardian jobs classifieds has many vacancies in the health management field. A recent example is Core Consulting who were looking for a hospital director for a mental healthcare facility in the North West. £70,000 awaits the successful candidate. Barnsley Hospital advertised two posts for non-executive directors on the same page. Opportunities are virtually limitless for health recruitment in this daily.

Search Online

Jobs.nhs.uk is geared towards staffing the NHS (National Health Service). It is regularly updated with health management openings from employers in the UK. Their latest jobs included that of an associate director of research and development for an institution in Wythenshawe. The lucky candidate could earn a cool £80,800 every year, depending on his/her level of experience. Alongside this vacancy was another for a locum consultant in Crewe with a salary ranging from £74,000 to £100,000. Register with them to vie for these and other equally lucrative health care jobs.

Health management jobs galore await you, so get applying today!

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