Find health jobs in the UK

Finding NHS Jobs

The National Health Service has a wide ambit and employs almost one and a half million members of staff across 300 different career paths.

Most candidates applying for health jobs in the UK with the NHS already have a good idea what sort of work they wish to do, such as a student that is graduating through medical school looking for a clinical position.

Jobs with the NHS divide into two main categories - clinical and non-clinical.

Candidates looking for work with the NHS should visit the NHS jobs website at jobs.nhs.uk.

Applicants can then sort the vacancies available based on the type of position, geographic location or search by the job's salary.

You should read the job description and any other information provided for any potential jobs before drafting your CV and covering letter.

Write about any relevant clinical or administrative experience you have in a prominent position on both your covering letter and CV.

Private Health Jobs in the UK

The alternative to working in the NHS is private health care.

While NHS vacancies are hosted by the NHS jobs website, private health care jobs can be found at Privatehealth.co.uk/Jobs, Healthjobsuk.com, Alliedhealthcare.com and Spirehealthcare.com.

When visiting these websites, refine your job search by location, salary and job category in order to find the perfect vacancies that you can fulfil.

Comparing the Public and Private Sectors

Many candidates who apply for health care jobs will not have any strong preferences about whether they work in the public or private sector.

If this is the case, you should compare the locations, job descriptions, salaries and benefits of working in either sector before choosing which jobs to apply for.

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