Dozens of health IT jobs waiting for you!

Health IT jobs is a good place to venture into if you are a fresh graduate or looking for a fresh career challenge. The medical profession relies a lot on ICT for its day to day operations. Be it the filing of patients’ records or the storage and access of diagnoses in a knowledge base, there is no denying IT’s pivotal role in medicine today. Your IT skills are very needed in the health sector.

Searching for the Job

There are many recruiters whom you can register with; both those specialised in health recruitment and the more general ones. A number of them offer free membership on their websites. Registered members receive regular updates of jobs in their field of interest as they become available.

Online Recruiters

Healthjobsuk.com specialises in providing medical institutions with highly trained professional staff. As a job seeker all you need to do is become a member of the site for free. They will take your personal details, including your email address and keep you posted as openings arise in the IT sector. However, you can just go straight to the job search engine and type in the criteria for the job you’re looking for and see what shows up. Jobs4medical.co.uk is a similar site that lets you search for jobs by location, speciality and contract type.

Jobs.ac.uk is a more general recruiter for UK-based learning institutions. Medical research holds a good number of IT jobs. Take for instance the Imaging Technician post recently advertised on the site. The job basically involves operating and maintaining micro MRI scanners for an annual pay of up to £23,600.

Other IT jobs

Like all other organisations today, health institutions will need IT technicians to supervise and upgrade their computer networks, maintain their machines or provide online support. This calls for engineers with network management and hardware skills. These health IT jobs pay quite well, up to £18,000 per year for entry level.

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