Rule the kitchen with head chef jobs

When you've done your time chopping carrots, reducing sauces and preparing salads among the commis chefs and chefs de partie, it's time to step up to the counter and embrace your destiny in one of those coveted head chef jobs. It's a competitive environment, stressful and demanding, but the talented will survive and prosper.

If you have accumulated experience and are maybe embracing lots of responsibility and opportunities in a sous chef role, it might be time to start jockeying for your own kitchen.

Head to chefjobs.co.uk for the best range of vacancies and opportunities online. This is where hotels and the top restaurants will deign to advertise their jobs, unless they fill a post with a personal recommendation or by using headhunters, as is becoming increasingly prevalent.

The site is a useful resource for ambitious chefs, with tips on landing that dream job, advice on additional training, and an informative salary checker. Head chefs in the UK can expect to be paid between £20,000 and £50,000, slightly more in London, with higher rates possible at the best establishments.

Chef's World (chefsworld.net) is not just a recruitment site, but it does include plenty of job ads. It's a site devised by chefs as a global networking forum to keep chefs informed about their industry, about new trends, opportunities and pitfalls.

Register at the site to join in the forum, find the latest industry news and gossip, rate employers, search through those head chef jobs ads, and feel part of the chef community.

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