Have you considered the council in London for an employment opportunity?

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London is one of the world's major cities and has a vibrant economy. There are many areas where you can find jobs in the city, but the council in London has an employment opportunity for just about everyone. Employing over 3,500 people, City of London Corporation is one of the biggest employers in London and they require people for several positions.

Many of the jobs with City of London Corporation are based in the Square Mile area of London, but there are also centres of employment in Epping Forest in Essex, Ashtead in Surrey, Heathrow Airport and Sheerness on the Thames estuary.

Working with City of London Corporation entitles you to a range of fantastic benefits, including staff discounts of services in London, a childcare voucher scheme, free family advice and a local authority pension scheme.

The council in London provides employment opportunities ranging from support workers, surveyors, electricians, admin workers and management positions on a regular basis. You can browse through the current vacancies on City of London Corporation's website.

You can download a recruitment pack from the website that will give you full details on how to apply for jobs from City of London Corporation. When you're ready to apply for a position, you can do it all online.

The key to getting an interview for a position with City of London Corporation is your CV. It's important to have it looking as professional as possible, and your local job centre will be happy to offer you help on how to perfect this and other aspects of job hunting.

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