Have you considered Penneys Dundalk jobs in Ireland?

As one of Ireland's biggest clothes and household item retailers, Penneys has consistently proven itself to be one of the best employers in the country. Thanks to their excellent treatment of staff, relatively high wages (in comparison to some of their competition) and the fact that they offer some excellent career progression opportunities, the company is widely regarded as one of the most reliable employers in Ireland.

Whether or not you have previously considered a role with the company in the past, we recommend that you take a serious look at some of the job opportunities offered by them at the moment in their expanding Dundalk branch.

It doesn't matter whether you've got any previous retail experience, there is plenty of on the job training available for enthusiastic newcomers wishing to carve out a career for themselves in the tough economic climate that Ireland is currently contending with. Roles are varied and aren't simply limited to sales assistant positions as many people think.

There are plenty of management positions available including weekend manager, fashion manager, visual manager and retail development manager. On top of that there are always vacancies for a wide range of other roles including information technology and communications systems, maintenance and general store upkeep, stock buying and customer service.

With wages starting at around €9.50 per hour and increasing as high as €18.50 for introductory roles, there is plenty of scope to earn good money in Penneys Dundalk jobs in Ireland. The main store in the area is located in The Marshes Shopping Centre, found at Marshes Avenue, and the are always new full time and part time positions becoming available on their website, located at primark.ie.

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