How to promote your handyman services

Unfortunately, some of the hardest hit industries in the global financial crisis were in the trades. This was not due to a lack in domestic demand, but because the tightening of lending mean that less building projects were being financed. As a self employed handyman, you could still find plenty of opportunities available.

Spread the word

One of the easiest and sometimes most effective ways of spreading publicity about your services is simply to let everyone you know know that you are offering handyman services. Post it on your Facebook, tell your neighbours, ask your family to tell your friends... news will spread quickly.

Advertise on Gumtree or similar

It's easy to post a quick ad on Gumtree, and what's more, it's free. There's therefore little to deter you from posting an ad immediately - you have nothing to lose.

List your services with online directories

People often search online directories, like Yell.com, when they want to find trades people. Again, it's usually free to advertise your services, and you can detail exactly what you offer.

Hand our business cards

It's surprisingly cheap to design and print a couple of thousand business cards. This is still one of the most effective ways of gaining repeat customers, because they can keep all the information that they need about you close to hand.

Contact local businesses

As well as private clients, you should also consider pursuing commercial ones. Send a speculative email to businesses in your area to see if they may require the services of a handyman.

Set up your own website

You don't need to be a technological wizard to get started with your own website, especially now that you can find fast and easy templates like Wordpress. A website will not only allow you to e found more easily by perspective customers, but will give you the space to expand upon your handyman services, contact details and prices.

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