Preparing a CV for hairdressing positions

If you are starting to think about applying for hairdressing positions, it's important that you get your CV in order. Competition can be fierce for hairdresser jobs, so you want a CV that will get you noticed and help you land a job. Here are some useful tips to help you impress employers and get invited for a job interview...

  • Get the basics right. Your CV should include your full name and contact details, your work history and your education.
  • Get the design right. Don't try anything fancy - opt for a traditional font and a crisp, clear layout. Don't try to cram all of the information onto one page if it doesn't fit - it's better to have an attractive two page CV rather than a cluttered one page CV.
  • Having said that, aim to keep your CV to a two page maximum. Cut out any filler information and cliches. A hobbies section and a reference section are not usually required.
  • Put details of your hairdressing training near the top of your CV. This is the information that employers need to know, so it's a good idea to address it immediately. You can include non-relevant training and qualifications at the bottom of your CV, or just summarise them in a couple of bullet points (for example, "nine GCSEs grades A - C).
  • If any of your work history is not related to hairdressing or beauty, consider leaving it off the CV, or at least including it in an "other" section towards the bottom. Your CV should be a summary of your most relevant and most impressive achievements and experiences.


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