How to go about finding hairdressing junior jobs

Looking to get your big break in the hairdressing industry? Unlike a lot of other areas of work, the hairdressing industry never really entered recession, so there are plenty of jobs around the UK for qualified individuals! In this blog, we are going to show you where to apply for hairdressing junior jobs.

Getting into hairdressing can be done one of two ways, you can go to college to get a hairdressing qualification, which are available from City and Guilds at the following webpage - cityandguilds.com/1151.html. This site is a brilliant resource for checking out qualifications needed for certain jobs.

Your other option is to essentially become a hairdressing apprentice. Lots of companies offer these apprenticeships in their salons, and there are plenty of them advertised online too. A good starting point for these kind of jobs is the Loreal recruitment site at lorealprofessionnel.co.uk/Career as they offer junior positions that aren't reliant on experience.

For all types of hairdressing jobs, we recommend taking a look at the biggest site for industry jobs in the UK, and that site is hairdressingjobs.org.uk. It offers everything from junior roles, senior hairdressers, barbers, freelance openings, managers and more. They are a fantastic resource for Hairdressing Jobs.

Finally, we suggest checking out another site dedicated to hairdressing jobs, and that site is hair-recruitment.com. This site is especially geared towards high class jobs in prestigious salons, so if you fancy pushing your career on, it is well worth a look.


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